29th April 2012

A link to this site was placed on my Wife's Facebook page.

A message was subsequently received from Mr. Barry 'Buzz' Hope, an old friend, fellow champion of Bomber Command, and no mean researcher himself. It is appended below because it moved me much and I wanted to share it. I view it as more a compliment to the men and women of Bomber Command whose unfailing help and encouragement have sustained me down the years than I do to myself.

"Words fail me, this is beyond doubt the best tribute any single man can pay for his generation, and future generations that follow. The sheer magnitude, determination, dogmatic and detailed approach cannot be understimated at the sheer volume and determined effort put into Mark's life-long work in honour of the men of Bomber Command. MARK I SALUTE YOU my dear friend..."

Thank You Barry - with their unforgettable help it seems I got something right.........


30th April 2012

NEW CD-ROMS - THE 'Q' CODE & 84 GROUP 2nd TAF added.

5th May 2012

Must publicly thank old friend and compatriot Ian Meadows for his considerable assistance - Thanks Mate.

8th May 2012

Would like to acknowledge with many thanks another old friend, Steve Milnethorpe, for his advice and encouragement. Anyone who knows Steve will understand just how valuable his input has been.

10th May 2012

Kind and constructive comments have been received from the following:

Chris Coverdale - Pathfinder Historian and author of the definitive history of

No.635 Squadron, PFF.

(5th - and final - edition available later this year).

Chris Szelinski, Of Wausau, Wisconsin, USA - Aviation Buff and Champion of the legendary Oshkosh Air Show.

Paul Fowler (Skipper) at Enstone Flying Club, Oxfordshire, England.

My sincere thanks to you all.

12th May 2012

A Word about photographs, please.

With much regret it was decided that all relevant images placed on this website should carry an identifying imprint. It is fully realised that the very presence of this unfortunate necessity will, to some degree, affect the viewing pleasure of visitors.

For this sincere apologies are tendered.

It should be made clear that, although MFC Air Publications appears invariably, this in no way reflects the actual identities of the many and much-respected Veterans or their Families who have allowed these images, plus irreplaceable Flying Log Books and various associated material, from their sight over the years.

It has never been easier to misappropriate images or content from the World Wide Web, and it is fully realised that if a person or persons are determined to do this, then they will, in all probability, succeed. However, I see no reason to surrender the trust of those Veterans lightly, hence the presence of such identifying script where necessary.

It should be made clear that any purchased CDs containing images will NOT be so marked.

It would then be a matter of trust.


13th May 2012

A most kind, thoughtful and constructive email received from Matt Lacroix, of Niagara, Canada, which is very much appreciated. If you are not familiar with his superlative website, then do please visit him at your earliest convenience.

Thank You, Matt.

17th May 2012

Best wishes received from Soren Flenstead of Air War Over Denmark. If you have never visited his most interesting and erudite website, do please take time to look - you will not be disappointed.

18th May 2012

Today received a welcome email from Richard Petrina, a much-respected friend in Canada. In his customary erudite fashion, he has pointed out a certain facet of this website that needs attention. Sadly, it is beyond my control to correct, but it has given much food for thought. He also made some very kind comments, and I feel a certain phrase he used in so doing is most worthy of repeating here:

'Indebtedness for the unforgettable'

The use of words at its very best, Richard, and I do hope you will not object to them appearing here - it is done for the very good reason that it is a phrase far too good not to share.

Some years ago Richard completed many years of hard work and research into his Uncle, R51651, F/Sgt. Michael Joseph Petrina, RCAF, a No. 419 (Moose) Squadron Flight Engineer, who FTR from a Gardening (mining) sortie off Denmark; 18-19th April 1944. He and the remainder of the crew were killed. The result of this, Richard's privately-published DUTY DONE is a master-class of how it is done, and runs to many hundreds of detailed pages. I have never seen its equal.

My first contact with Richard came through A.J.R. 'Robbie' Robson, DFC, then the driving force behind the Middleton-St-George Association, and Remembered on the DEDICATION page of this website. Robbie was kind enough to loan me his copy of DUTY DONE, and, knowing my respect for it, insisted that this was a permanent arrangement, on the understanding that, if anything happened to him I was to keep it.

Sadly, last September something did happen and I lost my never-to-be-forgotten friend. He is now reunited with his dear wife Freda, who predeceased him. Richard's book, to me, is now both a Tribute to his Flight Engineer Uncle Michael, and a permanent reminder of my lost friend Robbie.

Thank You, Richard.

23rd May 2012

Enjoyed a most interesting phone conversation last night with Robin Pettifer, of Littlehampton, West Sussex. We covered much mutual ground, and he was kind enough to make certain comments that have proved more inspirational than he will ever know. Thanks, Robin, you are a pal - remember, the offer of a cuppa and a chat if ever you are in the area still holds good. Be a pleasure to meet you. Be sure to take a look at Robin and his compatriots at their Baker Street Boys Reenactment website - a Tribute to SOE.

28th June 2012

Was privileged to attend the unveiling of the long-awaited Bomber Command Memorial in Green Park, London.

A Day of Days.


23rd July 2012

NEW - A Veteran's View of Dresden.

6th August 2012


Facility to comment now available on all relevant pages. Looking forward to some feedback, be it good, bad, or indifferent. 

25th September 2012




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4th December 2012

We are now linked to Dan Logan's excellent Canadian website 419 SQUADRON RCAF 1941 TO 1945.

Viewing this meticulous and fascinating website is highly recommended - Dan's work is phenominal!

As he says; 'Don't let a life be forgotten, because everyone has a story'.

5th December 2012.

Recieved a most kind email from Dennis Loyer of Ontario regarding his late Father, who had been a Halifax Navigator on Nos. 78 & 171 Squadrons.

Dennis has kindly made certain material available to us, for which we would like to publicly thank him here.

Selections from Dennis's material will be seen in future.

Very Many Thanks, Dennis.