Controversy has raged long and hard over this, Bomber Command's most calamitous operation of the war. More aircrew were lost this night than in the entire Battle of Britain, and many survivors went to their graves still angry and utterly convinced they were sacrificed by the apparently traitorous acts of a mysterious someone who they felt should have been on their side.

It may well be that the truth will never be known. Much mystery and many inexplicable departures from standard procedure attended the planning and routing of this operation.  An unfortunate choice of course, involving a long, undeviating leg of 270 miles from Charleroi to Fulda on the way in, coupled with the apparent operational tactic of no tactics at all, resulted in 96 of our aircraft failing to return. The German night fighter force was among the stream almost on its entry into the Reich, and the lack of cloud, bright moonlight and much assistance from the Ruhr searchlights did the rest.

The outcry this caused has echoed down the years and was only really silenced to any degree when those affected were all but gone. Nuremberg remains a mystery, and, despite some determined and scholarly attempts to unravel the plot, the waters are still murky and the reasons behind certain facets of this operation unclear.

Below is one chapter of an unpublished manuscript that came my way from an unexpected source in the Summer of 1979. Entitled Nuremberg - The Big Sell-Out, it puts forward, yet again, the theory - spoken by its Airman author at interrogation after the raid - that the operation was a sell-out and somebody, to quote him directly, had 'spilled his guts'.

This and other aspects of the manuscript are discussed in detail below - do please take some time to digest the contents for yourself. I would very much appreciate hearing your opinion.

Further to the exhortation immediately above, it has been of great advantage and interest to have been in recent contact with W/Cdr John Stubbington, an acknowledged and published authority on Ultra decrypts and their subsequent advantage or otherwise to Bomber Command. His advice and guidance have been inserted at the appropriate juncture in the article below. If familiar with the followingpiece, then do please re-read it, as W/Cdr Stubbington has removed all doubt from a certain area hitherto open to some debate