1) Above all other things to Remember the dead and assist the survivors of RAF Bomber Command. To achieve this by the dissemination of written, photographic and digitised information, both via this website and other more traditional means, to all interested parties.

2) To always strive to assist Veterans and/or their families to the very best of my ability.

3) To provide, usually by means of Sales Items, mainly, but not exclusively, in the medium of CD-ROMS, examples of memories, photographs, publications and other associated suitable material which furthers the aims stated at 1) above.

4) I will always be found, within reason, willing to provide by either spoken or written word, any assistance or advice possible based on such knowledge I may have to those who have need of same. To Veterans this is a free service; a commensurate charge will in most instances be applicable to all others requiring these services.

5) I am also able to provide commissioned advice and assistance to various people and organisations representing other aspects of this fascinating subject.

  • Documentary and film makers covering such aspects as uniform, equipment, appearance and vocabulary/terminology; the ethos of Bomber Command and indeed of the RAF in general.
  • Authors.
  • Vintage aviation museums - with regard to their uniform and equipment displays and the correct identification of archival material and its worth to their individual collections.
  • RAF Reenactment Groups who may be at the start-up stage, or even further advanced, with any aspect of ensuring they present an accurate impression, both in speech and attire.

6) The ability to offer the above results from a forty-three year deep interest in this subject, which has led to personal contact and/or correspondence with many hundreds of Veterans during that time.

The knowledge and assistance you will get comes in direct conduit from them and via no other party or agency.

Nobody can claim complete understanding of any subject and I am certainly no exception; but I have every confidence in my ability to deliver the best possible service based on these hard-won verifiable credentials.