Some Thoughts For The Mayor of Dresden.

Looking through some files over the weekend, I came by chance upon some correspondence from Jim McGillivray, an ex-Air Gunner friend from way back.

Among these papers, I found, in the August 2000 edition of "QXU", the Newsletter of The London Branch of The Air Gunner's Association, the article, seen below, giving the thoughts of journalist Jim Price, a Normandy Veteran, on the bombing of Dresden. It first appeared in the February 2000 issue of The Wartime News and was sent in to "QXU" by Peter Twinn, DFC, of Theydon Bois, Essex, who went to Dresden in the rear turret of a No. 149 Squadron Lancaster.

In light of my remarks regarding the inscription on the Bomber Command Memorial, inviting us to remember all who died in the bombing of 1939-45, I thought it more than deserved being repeated here. Shame the Mayor of Dresden will probably never read it. Also a shame she wasn't invited to read it before she was allowed a say in what inscriptions we put on our Memorials!

Why we ever have to even remotely consider apologising to Germany for any measure that was taken then to defeat the most evil regime known to man completely defeats me. And always will.

Sadly, Peter Twinn died in January 2010, unrepentant and proud. His obituary and photograph can be found following the article below. I salute him.

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